The Elements

Before NWA exploded on the scene there was another Ruthless Records group taking the industry by storm and laying the foundation for what would be Hip Hop history. JJ Fad (Just Jammin’ Fresh and Def), was a group of young ladies discovered and signed by Eazy E. MC JB (Juana Bums), Baby-D (Dania Birks) and Sassy C (Michelle Franklin) became the first female rap group to be signed to Ruthless, and became the first female Hip Hop group to be nominated for a Grammy. Since then, their music has been sampled numerous times and is on every DJ’s playlist as a go-to party starter.
Lady Pink Photo by: Lauren Thomas

Since 1979 Lady Pink has been a mainstay in Graff Culture. Known as The First Lady of Graffiti, her amazing and powerful work has been seen on subway trains, mural walls, and in museums a like.


Dee Dee Roper, internationally known as DJ Spinderella, is a Grammy award winning DJ, producer, rapper, writer and world class mother. Spinderella is one of the