Miranda Writes - Representing the next generation Zulu Nation

SHEmovement got the opportunity to speak with the lovely Miranda Writes. At the youthful age of 20, she’s already working to break barriers. Miranda takes pride in writing all her own music and believes that although

“you have the right to remain silent”, people should still speak their minds. Which inspired her stage name, that shall soon become a household name. Inspired by life’s experiences, she also draws inspiration from the state of today’s music industry, which furthers her aspirations of being a positive role model for today’s youth. Although, strongly influenced by hip hop, Miranda listens to all genres of music including alternative. Her favorite bands includeThe XX, Peter Bjorn and John, and Mike Snow. However, hip hop holds a special place in Miranda’s heart. One day, she hopes to collaborate with artists such as Eminem, Rakim, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, and Jay Z.

At the age of 16, Miranda began doing covers of other artists’ songs, such as the Wu Tang Clan. The following year, she began songwriting. Miranda’s favorite piece to date is her latest single “Knowledge of Self”, where she touches on a plethora of social issues. Miranda views this single as a powerful song that discusses important topics in today’s society. “Knowledge of Self” has also become her favorite song to perform as it draws amutual energy from the crowd. Miranda also recently performed in the Edison Fall Festival and has major shows under her belt, such as the Universal Zulu Nation 40th Anniversary Celebration. Miranda accredits these hip hop pioneers, including AfrikaBambaataa, for helping her to gain insight into the genre as a culture. She feels it’s a requirement; if you’re going to call yourself an MC, know your roots.

Miranda feels the female voice in hip hop is lacking compared to what it once was. She hopes to someday hear a more diverse group of women on the mic, while striving to be one amongst the future female MCs. Not only does she hope to inspire andempower, but to also prove you can be yourself and find your own niche. Miranda is constantly setting goals to improve herself as an artist and hopes in 5 years to be well known for going against the grain and always doing different things.

You can view a variety of Miranda Writes media on: Website: www.MsWrites.com or on Instagram and twitter at @MirandaWrites.

Music: Miranda Writes Soundcloud

Twitter: @MirandaWritesMc

Website: www.Ms.Writes.com

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