Vainsmith 'Summer of 87'

This young MC hailing from Virginia is a true blessing to Hip Hop. Vainsmith maybe an angel fallen to earth. Once you start listening to her music you won’t stop… it’s pure, uncut and very poetic at the same time. A long jazzy hazy ride…

‘Summer of 87’, written and recorded a month, feels indeed like one and only story. Most of the album revolves around love; it is the chronicles of a woman in love. Fearing to lose love, in the motions of falling into love. 'Summer of 87' is heartfelt, moving and intense.

One of the crowning moments on the album is the golden and soulful ‘4:15'; reminiscent of neo-soul/HipHop à la Common, Jill Scott, a slow submersion into sensuality “Mr Soulchild playing in the background/Miss Jill Scott singing on the verse now/Esperanza said she bout to touch down now/if I’m lucky then we might go another round/it’s more than sex it’s more than love”.

Further introspections lead Vainsmith to touch on the issue of insecurity on the true gem ‘Black, Beautiful and Bright’. “She often wonders if she good enough/paint her pretty face in the mirror to feel good but/her inner soul is the mind control/so she pop x pills to feel numb to cold but/that ain’t the reason for her doing/writing while she crying, while listening to music/lying in a bed asking God to forgive/her feelings. Heartbreaking music…

My favorite joint on the album is the grandiose ‘Cali to NY’ – the prod is just awesome. This is Vainsmith carried by love and clearly in a winning mood “You know that I’m cutthroat/I cut yall, no check bro/watch out who you check fo’/they all know who I be/V A I N I play no games”

'The Summer of 87 reminds us that in this broken down world, Love is always is the answer!

Music: Vainsmith - The Summer of 87Soundcloud

Twitter: @vainsmith

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