Boycott Radio

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By Tamara Dodd (Bates)

At the Taco Bell on Natural Bridge and Kingshighway Blvd., a teenage boy rocks a Wiz Kalifah shirt, and is a walking billboard for Wiz’s debut single, “Black and Yellow”; St. Louis’ hip-hop and R&B radio station, HOT 104.1, keeps the new Trinidad James in constant rotation until it is embedded in our minds; Yo Gotti sells out The Loft nightclub, located in downtown St. Louis, leaving 100+ disappointed fans waiting in line with no chance of entry.

After The Storm - Shemovement's Content Curator Weighs In On The Protests.

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By Chrysta Monique

Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Michael Brown, Eric Garner; The list goes on and on. Going back further than Rodney King (When I was a kid) the atrocities of the police getting away with brutality has sparked outrage and protest. When I found out the news Yesterday, I screamed into my pillow and shed the same tears as I did for Michael Brown’s, Trevon Martin’s and Tamir Rice's families. Then like everyone else, I waited for the protest. Because that is what ‘we,Next Generation Activist do, protest. But after the protest and everyone does their own proverbial scream into the pillow, then what? Because it seems like everyone

Is Battle Rap a Sport? Do Female Emcees Belong?

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Sometimes being a fan of battle rap, you forget that people still aren’t in tune with it… can’t get in tune with it. I recently had a few conversations with different persons that admitted being sometimes shocked by the aggression, the use of detrimental words, in battle rap. I’ve never “questioned” it myself, but the fact that some people are, made me reflect on it and want to explain it.

Stahhr (Get It Right)

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StaHHr The two Hs, are for hiphop. She's been perfecting, her lyrical warrior skills. Adding intellect, natural law, metaphysics, and social awareness. StaHHr consistently provides a welcome breath of fresh air.

Kiki Banks (Life)

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Ms Kiki 'Piggy Banks drops this stunner of a great song and video with a message to peep and follow. A tale of trial through life while speaking on the tragedy of love caught in the USA Prison Industrial Complex.

Candis (Bombs Away)

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Candis ‘SheIsHipHop’ Straight out of Brooklyn, New York has the lyrical poise to fall in line with some of the greatest of MCs, both male and female. Candis has a message in her music, a constant reminder of what the entertainment world is missing.

She is intelligent, fascinating She Is Hip Hop.



Diamond Reynolds and a Black Woman’s Pain

By: Dr. Adia Winfrey

The Black woman in the South who raises sons, grandsons, and nephews had her heartstrings tied to a hanging noose. Any break from routine may herald for them unbearable news. ~I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings By Dr. Maya Angelou

The “hanging noose” described by Maya Angelou still tightly grips the heartstrings of Black women throughout this country. Black men and boys are the intended targets, while their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, children and girlfriends are left to deal with the lasting impact of ebomaphobia.

Defined as “the irrational fear and anger of Black men and boys,” for many Black women, we first experienced the effects of ebomaphobia as little girls with men in our families having extended stretches of unemployment or incarceration. During adolescence, the reverberating effects came in the form of classmates disengaging from school or entering the juvenile justice system. A pain all too familiar to our community, Diamond Reynolds lifted the veil on ebomaphobia’s horrors through Facebook Live on July 6, 2016.

As Diamond courageously documented the moments following Philando Castille’s murder, she broadcasted her pain. While complying with the police officer that murdered her boyfriend, she denounced every ebomaphobic-based stance ever uttered to justify an unjustifiable murder. Diamond Reynolds delivered a mighty blow to ebomaphobia, while simultaneously standing with other women and girls who have felt its secondary impact.

As the fight for justice wages on, and debates about unjust legislation, training, and protocol continue, Diamond Reynolds reminded us that ebomaphobia affects Black women and girls as well. We are interconnected. Vibrant and thriving families, communities, and movements require we focus on the liberty and wellness of each other. Ebomaphobia is our issue too.

Dr. Adia Winfrey

Dr. Winfrey is an author and clinical psychologist who has been featured on NPR, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and in JET Magazine. She is the founder of Healing Young People thru Empowerment (H.Y.P.E.). H.Y.P.E. incorporates Hip Hop music and lyrics into group therapy sessions for at-risk youth. Learn more about Dr. Winfrey and H.Y.P.E. at www.letsgethype.com.

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