Graffiti is the expression of the misrepresented. A form of urban activism that gives a voice and control to individuals that are undervalued and considered voiceless. Some would say that Graff culture is Hip Hop's primary building block; with its crews, bravado, beefs, and emphasis on style and technique influencing the other elements and giving birth to the contemporary Hip Hop art of today. Often overshadowed, women have always been a mainstay in Graffiti Culture. You'd probably be surprised to find out the tag you recognize the most in your neighborhood was created by a woman! Often marginalized and relegated to the role of 'seen but not heard' women used writing as a way to BE HEARD. Sharing a perspective of the world that only a woman can share; giving our perspective of sometimes the simultaneous domestic atrocities, and beautiful struggle of urban living.

From comical and flirty, raunchy and rough; thought-provoking to heart wrenching, technical, wild style or just plain stylish, we plan to show the beauty women have contributed to this culture

Curated by Stoek

Since 1979 Lady Pink has been a mainstay in Graff Culture. Known as The First Lady of Graffiti, her amazing and powerful work has been seen on subway trains, mural walls, and in museums a like.