Interview: Get To Know Detroit Emcee Tiara Featured

Detroit lyricist Tiara has been garnering a lot of attention since appearing on _ rapper Royce 5'9's recent projects. Though she may only just be popping up on many people's radars, her musical journey has been steadily in the works for years.

The rising star has shared stages with some of hip hop's greats, including Lauren Hill, J.Cole, and Erykah Badu and under the watchful eyes of Royce, producer Mr. Porter and fellow Detroit native Marvwon, her chances of becoming queen of the mic are extremely promising.

Ayara Pommells: Detroit is known for having some of the most lyrical emcees in the game. Does this intimidate you at all?

Tiara: No, I'm not intimidated by anyone. I just do what I know best, and that's to create. I respect others creations as well.

Ayara Pommells: How did it feel seeing your name on Royce's projects for the first time?

Tiara: It was dope! Especially with him having the number #1 Rap album on the Billboard Music charts! It felt great being associated with the project. I'm glad he gave me the opportunity!

Ayara Pommells: How do you feel you've been received?

Tiara: I think I have been received well, and I expect I will continue to be. I work hard. I give it my everything. I appreciate the response I have received thus far. It keeps me motivated!

Ayara Pommells: Do you feel it's a lot harder to break through being a female artist?

Tiara: Yes, it's a bit tough! Most of the time it seems we need a male validation.

Ayara Pommells: How often does opening up for an artist turn into a business/working relationship?

Tiara: It really depends on the person or opportunity. For me, I try to make the most of every opportunity. Nothing forced, things just tend to happen organically. I have been blessed to have had great opportunities that allowed the doors of communication to stay open. I am finally getting in a place where I can build upon these relationships. I have more reasons to now.

Ayara Pommells: Who are your top 5 dead or alive and why?

Tiara: Em, Big, Pac... Cole, Royce, and Kendrick! Sorry, it's six because they are real and authentic story tellers and raw lyric spitters. They have mastered their craft in my opinion, and everything they do is amazing work.

Ayara Pommells: Favorite album of 2016 so far and why?

Tiara: Royce's album, and I'm not just saying that because it's him lol! When I listen to albums, I listen to lyrics, but I also look for a vibe- the feeling the music gives me when I listen to it. With Royce's album, you get everything from riding music to turn up music, but the beauty is the lyrics and stories he tells and they are HIS REALITY! I can always respect an album that gives me realness and beautiful truth instead of a series of made up events.

Ayara Pommells: Do you find it easy to be your true self in this industry?

Tiara: Yea and no. Yea because I'm going to keep it real no matter what and be myself, but no because a lot of the listeners listen for specific things that I may not offer. Its certain things I choose not to rap about....or certain music that I may only make a little of. I may not make a whole lot of club bangers specifically, because I'm capable of making so much more than turn up music, yes even in the world of turn up, LOL! I can make that, but I can also and will also make pop music, straight lyrical music, etc. I'm going to give you some of everything, not just turn up.

Ayara Pommells: Long term goals/aspirations for the music?

Tiara: My only goal is to WIN and be a big as I possibly can, use my craft to its fullest potential. I see a lot of things in the future, maybe movies and things of that nature. But hey, I'm still building content and focusing on the music.

Tiara: Ayara Pommells: Will you be playing any festivals/tours for the remainder of 2016?

Hopefully, so if the opportunity presents itself but for now my main focus is creating and making the best incredible music I can possibly make.

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Tiara - Zero F***s (Prod. by Mr. Porter)
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