Chrysta Monique; Media Communication Graduate based out of Atlanta, GA spearheads the strategic oversight for SHEmovement as Chief Operations Officer. SHEmovement is an multi media outlet created by Mr. Chuck D of Public Enemy.
Overseeing daily operations including, digital/media communications, production, program planning, and marketing. Her oversight also includes growing SHEmovement from a single streaming station (SHEradio) into a complete media outlet: SHEradio, SHEmovementTV,, and 10F0LD (visual arts project). Her development of original programming and successful strategies to grow a support base, has strengthened SHEmovments position as the largest repository of curated Women of Hip-Hop Culture in the industry. Creating competitive positioning in the marketplace and extending to a worldwide reputation as the “go to” multi-platform destination for all things Women In Hip-Hop Culture. Recently, adding the title of VP to her purview as acting Vice President to SlamJamz records (An independent Record Label created by Mr. Chuck D) as preparation for heading up a record label under the SHEmovement umbrella.

Beyond SHEmovement, Chrysta Monique works as a freelancer throughout the music industry, most recently partnering with the notable Booking Agent and Promoter Laura Beth LeBlanc through LBC Productions. With every success Chrysta builds solid a reputation built on consistency, style, intelligence, industry knowledge, hard work.
Friday, 14 April 2017 21:32 Written by  Exectuive Bio
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