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Performing since the age of 3, in her church’s choir, may make it seem as though RAtheMC was made for the stage. RAtheMC has been performing in front of the congregation for as long as she could remember. She eventually graduated to school talent shows, which prompted RA’s ambitions to become an Emcee around the age of 13 years old.During an era where young people had hip hop legends in the making such as The Fugees, RatheMC was heavily influenced by the melodic style of the 90s. It was appealing for RA to see Lauryn Hill both rapping and singing, and help her to realize she to, could showcase both talents.

Mostly inspired by R&B and Soul music, RA’s musical selections and visual style are remnant of artists such as Mary J. Blige and Michael Jackson. RA has projects dating as far back as 2008, including her personal favorite “Heart of a Champion” which is her one LP among many mixtapes andsamples. Containing all original instrumentals and production,” Heart of a Champion” gave RA the opportunity to try many different sounds. However, RA doesn’t feel as though she’s made the project that completely personifies her talent and continues going back to drawing board.

As an upcoming artist, it’s safe to say that RATtheMC has had many opportunities that her counterparts only dream of. She’s even had the chance to collaborate with one of her biggest influences Rah Digga. Sharing the same name and similar talents, it’s no surprise the two instantly clicked. RAtheMC played the record for Rah Digga; they wrote their verses and the rest is history. RA was even a participant in X Factor Season 2, where she says she learned a better respect for authority and structure withinin the music industry. RA enjoyed having LA Reid, Brittney Spears and Simon Cowell as mentors but was unhappy with the fact that she couldn’t be herself and show her own talents due to guidelines.

This proves it’s so important to RAtheMC that she breaks ground being herself while also having a sense of self-entitlement. RA knows she brings something different to hip hop and works to maintain what she believes in. Her brand has always been based on staying true to herself and having her own sound, and RA plans on keeping it that way. RA has also done her part by being a voice in the community when she participated in the King Me project at the Arts & Technology Public Charter School. The premise of the project was to encourage young girls to grow up without thinking they need a king in order to be a queen. RA even dropped an impromptu freestyle for the children. Noting that she never had anyone in the entertainment industry personally reach out, RA wants to make sure she can do that for someone else while reassuring the children that she and they are just alike.

RA is currently working on a project set to release December 1st, 2014 which features the collaboration with Rah Digga as well as other hits with Fat Trel and Dawn Richard formally of Danity Kane. It’s refreshing to see someone with such a comfortable stage present and true talent to match. We hope to see her do big things in the near future!

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