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Chrysta Monique; Media Communication Graduate based out of Atlanta, GA spearheads the strategic oversight for SHEmovement as Chief Operations Officer. SHEmovement is an multi media outlet created by Mr. Chuck D of Public Enemy.
Detroit lyricist Tiara has been garnering a lot of attention since appearing on _ rapper Royce 5'9's recent projects. Though she may only just be popping up on many people's radars, her musical journey has been steadily in the works for years.

Get To Know Wangechi

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Nairobi-based emcee Wangechi's music journey began at the tender age of 12. In 2013, she released her self-titled mixtape which earned her a loyal fanbase.

Imagine if Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Foxy Brown had a love child and it grew up in New Orleans. That child would be 3D Na’Tee (pronounced Three Dee Nah-Tee). Drawing comparisons to Nas by publications like TIME Magazine and XXL, Na’Tee’s musical endeavors began with a series of mixtape releases which were littered with unique and soulful life experiences via hardcore lyrics that reflected her upbringing.


Boycott Radio

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By Tamara Dodd (Bates)

At the Taco Bell on Natural Bridge and Kingshighway Blvd., a teenage boy rocks a Wiz Kalifah shirt, and is a walking billboard for Wiz’s debut single, “Black and Yellow”; St. Louis’ hip-hop and R&B radio station, HOT 104.1, keeps the new Trinidad James in constant rotation until it is embedded in our minds; Yo Gotti sells out The Loft nightclub, located in downtown St. Louis, leaving 100+ disappointed fans waiting in line with no chance of entry.

JJ Fad: First Ladies of Ruthless

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Before NWA exploded on the scene there was another Ruthless Records group taking the industry by storm and laying the foundation for what would be Hip Hop history.

Ana Rokafella Garcia - Bgirl Trailblazer

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If you type in 'BGirl' in a YouTube search you'll find a plethora of ladies doing their thing on the floor. But in the early days of Hip Hop the only young lady you'd see on the floor was Ana Rokafella Garcia.

MC Sha Rock - Part II

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And now the conclusion of our candid sit-down with MC Sha Rock! In Part 2, she gives insight on the industry, and how Female Emcees can navigate through it

Chezale aka “Lady Maverick” is a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter out of Arizona, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She dropped her debut album “MY STORY…The Making of a Maverick in 2007.

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