Detroit Che is a young emcee from Detroit, Michigan. A few months after graduating from Specs Howard School of Media Arts, she was blessed with the opportunity to rap for one of her favorite lyricists, Kendrick Lamar. Once Kendrick...

Tigress Zoo captivates her surroundings and resources life through art. At a very young age she wallowed in a Galaxy of theater, dance, music, design and community evolution.

Stahhr (Get It Right)

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StaHHr The two Hs, are for hiphop. She's been perfecting, her lyrical warrior skills. Adding intellect, natural law, metaphysics, and social awareness. StaHHr consistently provides a welcome breath of fresh air.

Kiki Banks (Life)

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Ms Kiki 'Piggy Banks drops this stunner of a great song and video with a message to peep and follow. A tale of trial through life while speaking on the tragedy of love caught in the USA Prison Industrial Complex.

Candis (Bombs Away)

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Candis ‘SheIsHipHop’ Straight out of Brooklyn, New York has the lyrical poise to fall in line with some of the greatest of MCs, both male and female. Candis has a message in her music, a constant reminder of what the entertainment world is missing.

She is intelligent, fascinating She Is Hip Hop.

Truthfully, it appears the violent trend of assaulting women has woken up the world by way of mass marketing itself through varied genres. Through Sports, Music, TV, and Hollywood, this ongoing and perhaps hidden epidemic has required our undivided attention at this time! With that said, this young lady, who is nice on the Mic as a rapper, suffered a horrible assault and became another shameful notch in the violence against women trend. Clearly we can assess this is a bigger problem and not isolated to whichever area each case originates from. This is a mindset that lives within many men that rears its ugly head at one time or another.

There are a variety of reasons that can be applied to why these 'Lash Outs' occur. I'm no Counselor, so I'm not going to attempt to analyze such behavior; but I can speak based on personal experience. I've found that men whose mothers ok'd their mediocrity contributed to a later insecurity. Developing once that man came face to face with women NOT so willing to ok their mediocrity and rather required greatness. These types of men begin to feel inadequate when his significant other isn't petting him like his mother would; and in his anger and frustration feels that forcing respect is the angle to take. A warped sense of superiority, but still insecure at the end of the day; and what a wonderful job the mom did to help create this dislodged mind set.

We band together as women to remind our male counterparts not to be confused into a generalization that every woman wishes to be objectified. A choice is made by every individual on how she wishes to be viewed; No matter the decision, she should never be mistaken as inferior!

Come to terms with thine own true heart and own your triumphs and shortcomings in an effort to prevent pinning your insecurities on someone else's prowess.



10F0LD was created by DJ Kru to educate the culture and spin the rawest local Women of Hip-Hop worldwide, every Thursday @ 9:30 EST. Every one is always asking where the Women of Hip-Hop went since the 90’s and honestly, they haven’t went anywhere. Not only is the movement/show here for you to feed your Hip-Hop cravings but now 10F0LD is here to give you a visual dosage of Women of Hip-Hop Culture around the globe. If you passionate about Hip-Hop and down for the cause, lets create something timeless.

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SHEmovement Radio

The 25 hour 8 day a week. All Woman Radio Station is now at full blast. Getting the RAPstation rotation via its APP which will allow many to hear the best sounding looking sound on Radio. Classics blended with the future while presenting the present to the present. That's right . In short just call it SHEradio.

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HipHop Queenz

Out of New York City Raven The Blazin Eurasian highlights the detailed stories in the CLASSIC legends, underground and underfound Women artists in the HipHop idiom. Not just HipHop but also cutting edge Women in R&B, Rock, Roots and Reggae.

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